2012 Physician Workforce Summit: Implementing Patient Centered Medical Home
Saturday, April 14, 2012
Sheraton Waikiki Hotel Moloka’i Ballroom
8:45 am - 5:00 pm

8:00 am

Pre-session:  Hawaii State Rural Health Association general meeting, Kona Room

8:45 am

Conference opening, Kelley Withy, MD, PhD
Pule:  Hawai‘i  State Rural Health Association Representative

8:50 am

 Introductions: Hawai‘i Senator Josh Green, MD; reading of welcome from U.S. Senator Inouye

8:55 am

 Welcome: Hawai‘i Governor Neil Abercrombie

9:00 am

The Whys of PCMH: Martin Sepúlveda, MD, IFACP, IBM Fellow and Vice President of Health Industries Research (email for presentation)

9:20 am

The Hows of PCMH: L. Allen Dobson, Jr., MD, President, Community Care of North Carolina

10:30 am

Experiences and Challenges Overcome Potential Speakers (physicians in practice in Hawai‘i):
Facilitator: John Houk, MD
Speakers: Drs. Randall Suzuka, Rob Mastroianni, Theresa Wee, Dale Glenn, Steve Denzer

12:00 pm

Lunch session: An Ideal Patient Centered Hawai‘i: Kyu Rhee, MD, MPP
Chief Health Director IBM Corporation and Vice President of Integrated Health Services at IBM

1:30 pm

Afternoon breakout sessions (attend 2 of 5 sessions see pages 11-16 for who goes where)


Option 1
Care Coordination Options &

Option 2
Team Based Collaborative Care

Option 3

Option 4
Financial Implications of PCMH

Option 5
EHR/Meaningful Use Costs & Benefits

Aida Wen, MD
Leolinda Parlin
Aleza Matayoshi, MD
Bonnie Castonguay, RN
Sean Harap, MD
Tom Tsang, MD

Len Fromer, MD,
Executive Medical
Director, Group
Practice Forum
& TransforMED Board Member

Deborah Peters, PhD
Larry Carter, PhD
Joe Humphry, MD
Robin Pilus

Josh Green, MD
Rich Bettini
Hilton Raethel
L.Allen Dobson, Jr., MD
Bill Guptail
Curtis Toma, MD

Randall Suzuka, MD
Christine Sakuda, MBA

Rob Mastroianni, MD
Dave Arthurs, MD
Mina Ganapathy, MD

4:30 pm

Recap and Next Steps: Kelley Withy, MD, PhD and Senator Josh Green, MD
Closing Pule: Hawai‘i  State Rural Health Association Representative