AHEC Activities

Educating and recruiting

students to health professions from K-12 schools

AHEC Activities

Educating health professions students

in the rural and underserved communities of Hawaii, often in multiprofessional teams

AHEC Activities

Recruiting health care professionals

to rural and underserved areas and providing continuing education

AHEC Activities

Providing community based and community driven education

for all underserved groups in Hawaii.


1510, 2019

Let us help you with your localized career exploration and planning!

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Career Kōkua provides detailed descriptions of the world of work to be used by students of all ages, job-seekers, career & college counselors, high school curriclum planners, job placement offices guidance resource centers and much more!

Click here: https://careerkokua.hawaii.gov/

1410, 2019

Call for Abstracts | 19th EWC International Graduate Student Conference

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Held in partnership with the East-West Center, IGSC is an entirely student-led initiative to encourage young academics and scholars to meet and exchange ideas and views in a forum stimulating respectful dialogue, by bringing together university scholars, early-career practitioners from across the globe. The Conference provides an opportunity to share interdisciplinary perspectives formally, through presenting and attending panel presentations, presentation of posters, and networking with peers. Last year, the conference had a broad representation of 112 presenters, representing 31 countries, from 54 prominent universities throughout the world.

Recognizing the ethos of the East-West Center’s 60 years of work in the US, Asia, and the Pacific, IGSC celebrates the voices of communities and their perspectives on the ever-changing local and global spaces. The conference encourages scholarly work on topics of concern to communities across the region, and it is particularly welcoming of the perspectives of communities from the grassroots. Hence, the theme for this year, Community Voices: Bridging Border

Who should attend?

Graduate students (Master’s and Ph.D. level) are strongly encouraged to participate! All disciplines are welcome, including natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, arts, multi-disciplinary approaches, and others. If your study is relevant to the issues and communities of the East-West Center’s region of focus (US, Asia, and the Pacific), we want to include your perspective.

This year’s IGSC also welcomes participation from postdoctoral fellows and early-career professionals, in recognition of the unique perspectives that these groups may bring. Professionals must have earned a graduate degree within the last three years, and those working on community projects or representing unique viewpoints are especially encouraged to participate.

The deadline to submit 350-word abstracts is October 15, 2019, 11:59 PM Hawaii Standard Time.

Mahalo nui loa

19th IGSC Organizers-
Smrity Ramavarapu, Cheng-Cheng Li, Shiori Yamauchi, Nurul Hoque

For any inquiries or questions regarding the Conference, please connect with us at studentconference@eastwestcenter.org

110, 2019

A day in the life of a home health aide

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On the Job, 24 Hours a Day, 27 Days a Month
A home health aide for a 77-year-old man serves as social worker, diaper changer, dietitian, day planner, warden and more — all at dismal wages.

Click here for the full article: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/09/02/nyregion/home-health-aide.html?te=1&nl=top-stories&emc=edit_ts_20190903?campaign_id=61&instance_id=12099&segment_id=16694&user_id=28ddb8c8eee987e2eeda0354b4ce42b6&regi_id=5467171720190903

110, 2019

2020 Students to Service Loan Repayment Program application is open!

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The 2020 Application Program and Guidance for the National Health Service Corps Students to Service Loan Repayment Program (NHSC S2S LRP) is now open. The application cycle closes on October 31 at 7:30 p.m. ET.

Applicants to the NHSC S2S LRP may qualify for up to $120,000 in tax-free loan repayment for their medical and dental school student loans. Eligible health professional students in their final year of school receive the award in exchange for a three-year service commitment in a high-need – defined as HPSA 14 or above – underserved community.

NHSC S2S LRP scholars receive award installments annually in a lump sum, which can significantly lower medical school debt by reducing the amount of interest they owe on their loans over time.

With continued service through the NHSC Loan Repayment Program, scholars can potentially pay off all of their educational debt.

We recommend potential applicants use our online career finder tool, the Health Workforce Connector, to search for and locate more information on sites that meet the service HPSA criteria. Thank you for your support in promoting this opportunity to eligible health professional students.