Programs for Post Baccalaureates

Hawaii Pre-Health Career Corps

The Hawaii Pre-Health Career Corps is a free program with the purpose of increasing awareness about health careers, providing mentoring, shadowing and research experiences, and providing campus exposure to health careers. Although targeted to high school and college students, the Corps also welcomes Post-Baccalaureates who would like assistance setting up opportunities in healthcare.

Health Career Navigator

The Hawaii Health Career Navigator helps students explore the various health related careers available to them in the state of Hawai’i. The book, available in hardcopy and online, provides information including salary info, training requirements, areas of specialization and job growth information for 95 health careers.

Health Careers Hawaii

Find career ideas, training options, salary estimates and job leads for the healthcare industry in Hawaii.

Forms and Surveys

Includes travel forms for all student travelers along with the option to build your Health Profession student profile.