Hawaii Pre-Health Career Corps

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Welcome to the Hawaii Pre-Health Career Corps!

The Hawaii Pre-Health Career Corps is a free year-round program for students of any age who want to pursue a health career. Its purpose is to increase awareness about health careers, provide mentoring, shadowing and research experiences, and provide campus exposure to health careers. This program is for students who live in Hawaii or have ties to Hawaii.

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Healthcare Shadowing

As a Corps member, you will be given opportunities to observe health professionals in the workplace. Do you have a preference for a specific type of shadowing opportunity? Just ask!

Health Workshops

Participate in hands-on health-related workshops to explore health careers and earn certifications!

Campus Tours

Participate in campus tours, including tours of the John A. Burns School of Medicine and the University of Hawaii Cancer Center

Standardized Test Prep

Corps members have access to free SAT, ACT and MCAT workshops and a personal online SAT coach

Career Mentorship

College Corps members will be paired with a career mentor in their field of interest who will be in regular contact while providing support and assistance.

Peer Mentorship

High School Corps members will be paired with a College or Graduate Corps member who will be in regular contact while providing support and assistance.

Research & Volunteer Experiences

Gain valuable research and volunteer experiences! We will assist you in finding the right opportunity for you. Do you have a specific preference? Just ask!

Career Navigator Books

Navigate health career options with our compilation of all the health careers available in Hawaii and how to get there. All Corps members receive a free Navigator book. To download a copy, click here:http://www.ahec.hawaii.edu/resources/health-career-navigator/

Teen Health Camp

Participate in Teen Health Camps, where you can learn clinical skills and how to suture, cast and more!

Practice Interviews & Statement

Refine your interviewing skills and receive assistance on crafting a personal statement that reflects your personality and intellect.