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Are you an educator who would like health professionals to share their knowledge with your students?

We can help!

What is the Speakers Bureau?  The Speakers Bureau is a list of licensed health care professionals who volunteer their time to speak at public and private schools across the State of Hawai’i to educate students about health careers and opportunities.

What do Speakers talk about? The Speakers are open to suggestions on what you want them to talk about. In the past, speakers have talked about their journeys toward becoming health professionals, what a typical work day is like for them, how the current unit students are studying relates to their professions, and answered student questions.

How does the Speakers Bureau work?  Simply fill out our online request form and an AHEC staff member will contact the Speakers Bureau members and arrange for a speaker to come to your classroom.

How do I request a Speaker to visit my classroom? To request a Speaker, please fill out our online request form below.

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Are you a health professional? Would like to share your knowledge with students in public and private schools across the State of Hawaii? If so, join the Speakers Bureau!

To become a speaker, please fill-out the online form below.

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