Teen Health Camp Registration

Teen Health Camp (THC) O’ahu at JABSOM 2020 


Date: TBD 
Time: TBD 
Location: JABSOM, Medical Education Building

Upcoming Teen Health Camps: TBD

The goal of Teen Health Camp is to expose students to the countless possibilities in the health field and to introduce them to professionals within that field. During this one day event, students will participate in different workshops such as suturing and public health outbreak, as well as afternoon activities, and a question and answer section with current university students. We’ll also have a “speed dating” event where students can ask experience healthcare workers about their professions.

Learn Medical Skills and Health Issues through interactive workshops!
1. How to put in Stitches
a. Use real suture and surgical instruments on a realistic human arm. You will learn to put in sutures and repair large cuts!
2. How to Put on and Remove Casts
a. In this fun and messy workshop, you will learn to put on casts (and remove them) on each other using real casting material!
3. Local Grindz!
a. If you are what you eat, what’s really in your food? Find out in this tasty workshop!
4. Infectious Disease
a. How likely are you to get pertinent diseases in Hawai’i?
5. Your Future in Healthcare
a. Learn what exciting opportunities exist in healthcare careers, from physicians to nurses to pharmacists. See that the possibilities are endless and all within reach!

For more information regarding Teen Health Camp, please contact:
Hawai’i and Pacific Area Health Education Center
Joey Sumulong, HCOP Program Associate
651 Ilalo St. MEB 224
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: 808-692-0906

Email: jmms@hawaii.edu