Huli Au Ola Area Health Education Center

(Located on Molokaʻi)
P.O. Box 399, Kaunakakai, HI 96748
Phone: (808) 553-3623
Fax: (808) 553-8277
Email: Rosie Davis, Executive Director,

The turning point of life…

Maui County AHEC (Huli Au Ola) is in year 3 of existence with a five member board composed of three health workers and two community members that serves the three-island County of Maui: Maui, Molokai and Lanai (all HPSAs or MUAs). The AHEC Center is located on the rural, largely Native Hawaiian island of Molokai. Rosie Davis, a certified leadership trainer, is the center director. Accomplishments to date include permanently expanding the nursing class enrollment at Maui Community College by 20 students a year, creating a two week summer health careers program for 18 students from Maui county, and creating an in-school weekly health education program for K-12 students.

The current health careers program was created through collaboration with the Native Hawaiian Healthcare system to provide a 2 week residential program for 18 students from Molokai and Hana (on Maui). Topics covered include: Native healing practices, fish pond clean up, life guard training, Nature Conservancy preserve visit, Family Science Night activities, options in health careers, traditional music and dance, team building and study skills. Molokai offers clinical training to students when requested, but because of its rural location, it is not a popular location. Continued grant funding will be used to begin to offer regular clinical rotations for students from UH health professions schools, and expand health careers pipeline activities to additional students to include a paid summer internship program. In addition, the Hui Au Ola AHEC will continue in-school health education activities

Maui County AHEC Summer Health Institute

Huli Au Ola AHEC’s ‘Summer Health Leadership Institute’ is an amazing annual adventure found only on Molokai! Summer Health Institute students apply creativity and problem solving to robotics project. Robotic technologies are increasingly being used in surgical and health related settings.

The ‘Huli Au Ola’ AHEC on Molokai hosted the 3rd Annual Summer Leadership Institute for students on July 12-19, 2008. The program officially launched a new ‘Robotics Program’ segment this year; critical thinking, teamwork and having fun are just some of the experiences that students on Molokai experienced this year. AHEC Executive Director Rosie Davis is pleased to announce that a grant from HMSA will allow the Summer Health Institute will expand its program activities. As a result of the additional funding, Rosie has also offered to hānai (adopt) students from Hawai‛i, Kauai and Maui to take part in the annual program in 2009 and 2010!

This year the event consisted of seven days in Kalaupapa and topside on Molokai. Health Career presentations began in Kalaupapa, with Dr. Kalani Brady sharing mana’o on health disparities and health issues, and Biologist Guy Hews sharing the future of Kalaupapa. Local healthcare professional educator Dr. Richard Rodriquez was Facilitator/Lecturer for the Summer Leadership students. Na Pu’uwai Native Hawaiian Health Care nurses and Quentin Burdick Rural Interdisciplinary students trained students how to take vital signs.

Additionally students received CPR training through Nā Pu‛uwai Native Hawaiian Health Care System and Emergency Preparedness with Diane Lobre from Department of Health. Lomi Lomi La’au Lapa Au by Keola Chan presented on Hawaiian medicine and native plants, the history and use of the Hawaiian people. Students will also take part in storytelling by nā kupuna of Molokai and Kalaupapa, and will work the ‛āina in the taro patches and the learn the history and health benefits of taro for the people of Hawai‛i. A new leadership component included Facilitator/Lecturer Teddy Sotelo, a certified leadership presenter. Teddy provides perspectives on the everyday challenges and rewards of health professionals. A new section has been added referring to the launch of Molokai’s ‘Robotic Program’ which focuses on the use of robotics used to perform surgical and medical needs for patients was be officially kicked-off during the Summer Leadership Program.

Cultural activities include reaching out to the ocean and learning the history of the canoe, the making of the canoe and paddling the canoe in the ocean. Students will receive a one (1) college credit syllabus class to students the course title: HLTH 90V – Careers in Health 1, CRN #48108.