About AHEC

The MISSION of the Hawai‘i/Pacific Basin AHEC is to improve the health of the underserved through education.

There are four primary activity areas:

  • Educating and recruiting students to health professions from K-16 schools.
  • Educating health professions students in the rural and underserved communities of Hawai‘i, often in multi-professional teams.
  • Recruiting healthcare professionals to rural and underserved areas and providing continuing education.
  • Conduct health profession workforce assessments to determine shortages.

Areas of Concentration:

  • Recruitment, placement, and retention activities to address community and state health workforce needs.
  • Performing health and health workforce needs assessments.
  • Improving distance learning and telehealth utilization.

Our GOAL is to facilitate access to an abundant supply of knowledgeable and culturally competent providers through training and recruitment partnerships that will improve the diversity, distribution and quality of the health professions workforce.

We provide accredited, high quality continuing education offerings and professional support to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, especially those practicing in underserved areas. These programs are designed to enhance clinical skills and help maintain professional certifications.

The Hawai‘i/Pacific Basin AHEC makes three promises:

  1. We will help any student in Hawai‘i who is interested in a healthcare career get there
  2. We will find a speaker for any school on health or health careers
  3. We will entertain any ideas you have to improve the healthcare system so that everyone here gets the care they need, where they need it, when they need it

Read the Hawaii/Pacific Basin AHEC Grant

Grants and contracts revived by the Hawaiʻi/Pacific Basin AHEC for assessing and developing the local health workforce pipeline:

Hawaii State Loan Repayment Program Grant is a grant designed to help improve access to health care in underserved communities of Hawaii by increasing the number of primary care providers working in Health Professions Shortage Areas (HPSAs) This grants will provide incentives to 12 MD, DO, NP, or PA primary care providers to work in HPSAs

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